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Trial presentation can look effortless when it goes right. That is one of our goals: to make the presentation of evidence  so seamless that the jury is focusing on you and your presentation, not problems with technology. When trial presentation goes wrong, juries will lose focus, judges will become angry and you stand to lose credibility. We are here to make sure that does not happen.

At Visual Advantage, our contribution to your case doesn’t end when the courtroom graphics are completed. Our experts remain by your side during the entire trial to seamlessly manage all aspects of your presentation of the evidence to the triers of fact.


  • Manage the scanning from paper exhibits to electronic files
  • Identify and implement a trial presentation strategy
  • Quickly call up exhibits in trial when you need them
  • Convert any electronic trial exhibits that you have into a trial presentation compatible format
  • Create a trial presentation database that contains all of the evidence in your case including;
    • Trial exhibits
    • Video depositions
    • Demonstrative exhibits/trial graphics
    • Transcripts
    • Impeachment exhibits
    • Jury instructions
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Animated demonstratives
  • Work with you to prepare for opening statements and closing arguments
  • Work with you and your witnesses to prepare efficient, well presented examinations
  • Create impeachment video clips
  • Edit all video for presentation of witnesses in lieu of live testimony
    • Edit out long pauses and objections
    • Be prepared to edit video in the courtroom if the judge makes rulings on the fly
    • Merge all direct designations, counter-designations, redirect designations
    • Provide you with easy to follow reports and edited video for your review
  • Edit and/or create PowerPoint presentations
  • Operate expert witness PowerPoint presentations
  • Coordinate equipment setup with the court staff
  • Incorporate expert witness computers into the courtroom equipment setup
  • Troubleshoot any equipment problems in the courtroom
  • Incorporate iPad and tablet computers into the courtroom equipment setup
  • Minimize the amount of time that you need to spend learning how the technology works
  • Redact or add exhibits on-the-fly in the courtroom to respond to rulings immediately
  • Provide the trial team with a lay interpretation of the evidence and progress of the trial

When it comes to managing the visual elements of your courtroom presentation, who better than a team that has worked on hundreds of complex cases nationwide? Our experience sets us apart. As experts in our field, we are trained in the demands of trial exhibit presentation and know the technological requirements and peculiarities of courtrooms across the country. We can even create a scalable map of the courtroom to determine optimal placement of presentation materials, ensuring sight lines are clear and audio components are sufficient. Most importantly, we make all the necessary arrangements with the court for the setup and teardown of the equipment.