Exploring the USPTO Denver Office

On June 30th, Denver found itself at the center of an unprecedented and historic moment for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. At 19th and Stout in the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building, the USPTO opened the Rocky Mountain Regional Satellite Office, marking the first location west of the Mississippi. For over 200 years, the [...]

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Perceptual Blindness in Litigation

Most judges encourage jurors to bring with them to their deliberations a healthy amount of common sense. Our jury system invites ordinary citizens from all walks of life to apply a reasonable amount of practical logic to determine the truth in any given trial. Jurors use their life experiences to intuit the credibility of witnesses [...]

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Trends in Graphic Design Expose the “Real” Elements of Effective Legal Graphics – Part II

Design Trends – Part 2 Today we are continuing to delve into trends and how they can inform courtroom graphics. Our focus shifts from what information people are looking for, to how people are receiving information. Understanding the way in which people are routinely being presented with information will give you an advantage when connecting [...]

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When Demonstrative Graphics Become Information

There’s no questioning it anymore. We are knee deep in…strike that…up to our eyeballs in data. Social media, bookmarked websites, Google searches, television commercials, infographics, magazines, tablet computers, billboards, the list goes on and on. This boon of overstimulation is undeniably the result of advances in modern technology. We have even already named our place [...]

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Trends in Graphic Design Expose the “Real” Elements of Effective Legal Graphics – Part I

With the start of every new year, considerable analysis and speculation is done regarding trends of all sorts. Whether you are armed with the knowledge that witches are the new vampires or that 3D printing will continue to gain popularity, taking a minute to make yourself aware of what the year might bring can be [...]

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Rethinking Words as Symbols for Effective Courtroom Graphics

The earliest known form of written communication is often attributed to the Sumerian civilization, which developed cuneiform sometime around 3500 BC. Generally acknowledged as the earliest written document, the Kish limestone tablet (circa 3500 BC) from the Sumerian Empire communicated an account of property ownership. The Kish tablet is composed of Protoliterate symbols similar to [...]

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