Exploring the USPTO Denver Office

On June 30th, Denver found itself at the center of an unprecedented and historic moment for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. At 19th and Stout in the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building, the USPTO opened the Rocky Mountain Regional Satellite Office, marking the first location west of the Mississippi. For over 200 years, the [...]

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A long time ago in a courtroom far, far away…a story was told.

In a previous post, we raised the idea that information delivered as stories has a bigger impact on an audience than other means such as bullet points. More areas of the brain are activated and it creates synchronization between the storyteller and the audience, which of course is key when you are in trial. After [...]

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Once Upon a Time in a Dark and Stormy Courtroom…

Most attorneys approach their opening statement with the idea that this is their chance to tell their client’s story and set the stage for their case. The operative concept here is that their client’s “story” is categorically the most important element of their opening statement.  Jurors are often inundated with facts, figures, charts and new [...]

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Perceptual Blindness in Litigation

Most judges encourage jurors to bring with them to their deliberations a healthy amount of common sense. Our jury system invites ordinary citizens from all walks of life to apply a reasonable amount of practical logic to determine the truth in any given trial. Jurors use their life experiences to intuit the credibility of witnesses [...]

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