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Exploring the USPTO Denver Office

On June 30th, Denver found itself at the center of an unprecedented and historic moment for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. At 19th and Stout in the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building, the USPTO opened the Rocky Mountain Regional Satellite Office, marking the first location west of the Mississippi. For over 200 years, the [...]

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Once Upon a Time in a Dark and Stormy Courtroom…

Most attorneys approach their opening statement with the idea that this is their chance to tell their client’s story and set the stage for their case. The operative concept here is that their client’s “story” is categorically the most important element of their opening statement.  Jurors are often inundated with facts, figures, charts and new [...]

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Eye Tracking and Courtroom Graphics

Eye Tracking If you have an interest in marketing and web media, you have likely heard of eye tracking – the process of measuring eye positions and movement of a person examining a visual stimulus. While the technology for measuring eye tracking is undoubtedly more advanced than ever, eye tracking was first studied in [...]

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Making Design Look Easy

A wise college professor of mine once bestowed the humbling realization that, “design that looks clean and simple actually requires the most work.” It is a concept that is not understood by many because it seems counterintuitive. Though, when you think about it, the same applies to all disciplines – sports, science, music, business. People [...]

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The Extraordinary Power of Memory

Take a look at the list of words: Got it? We’ll come back to this in a bit. Obviously we spend a lot of time discussing visual presentation but what happens after your demonstratives are visually processed? That’s when memory kicks in and your demonstratives are really put to the test. Will the jurors remember [...]

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Trends in Graphic Design Expose the “Real” Elements of Effective Legal Graphics – Part II

Design Trends – Part 2 Today we are continuing to delve into trends and how they can inform courtroom graphics. Our focus shifts from what information people are looking for, to how people are receiving information. Understanding the way in which people are routinely being presented with information will give you an advantage when connecting [...]

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Trends in Graphic Design Expose the “Real” Elements of Effective Legal Graphics – Part I

With the start of every new year, considerable analysis and speculation is done regarding trends of all sorts. Whether you are armed with the knowledge that witches are the new vampires or that 3D printing will continue to gain popularity, taking a minute to make yourself aware of what the year might bring can be [...]

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The Nuances of Persuasive Legal Graphics

What is graphic design? It is used as a means of persuasion. It is a way of structuring and delivering information. It is a solution to a problem. Graphic design is more than just colors and images. It is a mode of communication – a language. The beauty of graphic design is that it can [...]

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Mainstream Design Trends and Litigation Graphics

If you keep up on the latest in design or technology circles, you may have heard the term “skeuomorphism”. Meaning a look that imitates something else, or a real world look, skeuomorphism became especially prevalent with the introduction of user interfaces. For example, a “notes” app looks like a spiral notebook. A “books” app is [...]

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